Navigating Teen Girl Friendship

How to support your daughter through friendship drama


Is your daughter caught in the tumultuous world of teenage friendships? I've got your back!

I'm here to equip you with the essential tools and strategies to help your daughter navigate the minefield of teen girl friendships. Empower her with essential skills and build a stronger bond

  • Unlock the secrets to understanding and supporting your teen daughter through friendship drama.
  • Gain practical strategies to help her navigate conflicts, set boundaries, and foster positive relationships.
  • Empower her to be assertive, confident, and resilient in the face of tricky friendship situations.
  • Boost your own parenting skills and strengthen your connection with your daughter along the way.

Online Lessons

Interactive Workbook

Bonus Resources

Course Content

Module 1: Why All the Drama?!

Explore the intense emotions, conflicts, and complex dynamics that often arise within the friendships of teenage girls. Gain insights into their experiences, and the impact of the impact of social media on their friendships.

Module 2: How to support her through friendship drama

Discover strategies to support her during friendship challenges. Learn the do's and don'ts and the power of active listening, Avoid common pitfalls and understand what not to do in these situations.

Module 3: How to help her be more assertive

Help your daughter develop resilience, self-confidence, and assertiveness. Learn techniques to enhance her social skills, cope with rejection, and set boundaries.

Toolbox for friendship success

In addition to the video lessons, the course also includes valuable resources to enhance your learning experience and support your daughter's growth. With the comprehensive workbook and the bonus resources, you'll have a complete toolkit at your disposal. These additional resources are designed to reinforce your understanding, provide practical exercises, and equip your daughter with the tools she needs to navigate friendships with confidence. Together, they form a holistic approach to empower both you and your daughter on this transformative journey.

Interactive Workbook

Complementing the online lessons is our interactive workbook, designed to enhance your learning experience and provide a hands-on approach to applying the concepts covered. With thought-reflection prompts, cheat sheets and scripts that will help you internalize the course material and adapt it to your specific situation.

Unapologetically You

Assertive Scripts for Teen Girls to Handle Any Situation: Empower your daughter with the confidence to navigate any situation. The scripts will help her communicate effectively, set boundaries, and handle various challenges with grace and self-assurance.

Self-Care Starterkit

Encourage your daughter to prioritize her well-being and practice self-care. This bonus resource is filled with worksheets, exercises, and cheat sheets that will guide her in exploring different aspects of self-care and managing stress, and fostering a positive mindset. It's a valuable resource to help her develop healthy habits and nurture her overall well-being.

Parenting a teen girl means being a steady lighthouse amidst the stormy waves of friendship drama.

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